Wilson Pro Stock Blade 98Pro 18×20 V9 teniszütő

105 000 Ft

SKU: WR150411U

Coated with a dynamic, color-shifting gloss finish, the Blade Pro (18×20) delivers supreme performance for players at the highest level of the sport. A lighter stock frame that is easy to customize for personal weight and balance preferences, this racket elevates precision and control with a tighter, more closed string pattern. There is a reason Blade is the most popular frame on the professional tour: thin beam, excellent ball dwell time, commanding feel and slick design all combine for a result that is irresistible for advanced players with championship endeavors.



Head (sq cm)632Head (sq in)98Length (cm)68.58Length (in)27String Pattern18X20Strung balance (cm)33.5Strung balance (pts)-2Strung weight (grams)321Strung weight (ounces)11.32Taper System (mm)21.46Unstrung balance (cm)32.5Unstrung balance (pts)-6Unstrung weight (grams)305Unstrung weight (ounces)10.76

Súly (gr)305
Fejméret (cm2)632
Súlypont (cm)32,5 | -6
Húrkiosztás (hossz/kereszt)18×20
Gyári húrozássalnem
Grip (fogás)


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